The Storyteller

Marshalling her many years of engaging audiences, using African and African American folktale and real life experiences, Nothando regales listeners into becoming active members of the story.




The Comedienne

Seen here channeling the hilarious banter and quick wit of Moms Mabley, Nothando has the audience laughing out loud about the everyday foibles of the human experience. Her Aunt Dicey is a southern, snuff-dipping character with a sharp tongue and even sharper eye when it comes to church folks doing right or wrong.




The Historical Figure

Historical figures like Sojourner Truth (pictured), Ida B. Wells, Whinnie Mandela, and Rosa Parks are a few of  the characterizations that Nothando brings to life. She continuously adds women who were major influences in African American history.

Workshop Presenter/Facilitator

Nothando uses many tools in addition to story telling to engage workshop participants – often encouraging each to practice using role play in small group settings, which she facilitates and monitors.