If It's a Storyteller You Want...

Why not get one of the best! – Nothando Zulu, Master Storyteller

Engaging, versatile, relatable and passionate!

Well known throughout the Twin Cities…Nothando Zulu. A Minneapolis resident of over fifty years, has been drescribed as one of the most engaging, captivating storytellers of her time.



She has performed for thousands of children and adults for more than five decades. Her stories help to teach, encourage, humor and instill moral values and lessons.


Over the years Nothando has used the ancient art of storytelling to interact with her listeners, young and old, male and female and of all ethnic backgrounds. She builds “learning bridges” between individuals by contemporizing the lessons passed onto her by her ancestors.



Why is this important?

Simple. It has been said before and holds true today, that “if you do not know your history, then you are doomed to repeat it”